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Demolition creates new foundation for growth


Demolition creates new foundation for growth

Lockland undergoes facelift of old mattress factory to renew hope of a fresh beginning

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What I Want for Father's Day


What I Want for Father's Day

To my son: Father’s Day is fast approaching. I suspect you will feel an obligation to buy me something from one of the four pre-approved Father’s Day gift categories: Fashion neck ware Grilling accessories Golfing equipment Power tools  Please, save your money.  After all, you’ll need it to pay off your college debt over the next 20 years.  Plus, I rarely wear ties, don’t own a grill, suck at golf and have an aversion to tools of any sort.  In fact, don’t buy me a card.  I’d rather have you tell me you love me on a Post-It Note (assuming that’s what you want to say) Most greeting cards are over-priced and penned by some disgruntled, marginally employed, overqualified writer with a Master’s...

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The hidden component of successful people

After years of being on the road and meeting thousands of young adults, I noticed a distinct difference between the students that walked away inspired, and the ones that were changed. Instantaneously, I could tell whether the student was simply inspired or purely changed at their core. But I couldn’t tell why. So I dug deeper.

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Three steps for dealing with judgment

In our lives, we’re on a constant quest to find our true identity. We seek to understand ourselves, what we’re here for and what we stand for. Yet we often ignore or forget that this is always changing. The way the world perceives us, as well as how we perceive ourselves, is in a constant process of fluctuation.

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The heart of a radio station


The heart of a radio station

When I was a 20-something radio station employee, my office mate brought me a sweet roll every morning. I had to ask her to stop. My figure wouldn’t stand for it. She called me “sweetie,” and I called her Gail. Twenty-five years later, my friendship with her has endured.

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Chop Wood, Have More SEX


Chop Wood, Have More SEX

You may not know this, but American married couples are having sex less often than ever before.  In fact, some social scientist coined the term “sexless marriage” to define those unions in which the couples have sexual relations no more than 10 times per year.  It’s estimated that one in five marriages fall into this category. But here’s what’s interesting: despite the decline in sexual frequency, these same couples report that their marriages are happier than ever before.  How do we explain this paradox?  We’ve been taught that a healthy sex life is essential to a strong marriage.  So, how can we be happier with less sex?  The answer is simple:  laundry. Last year, the American Sociological Review...

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The pretzel lady's keys to failure


The pretzel lady's keys to failure

Everyone's always talking about the keys to success. But I want to talk about the keys to failure.

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Round-up: Try drawing! And other inspirations from the web

"I envisioned the flowers that could bloom and could almost feel the warmth to come. I am forever amazed by what hope can do for you, and how it always shines like a beacon." A friend of mine wrote this about her visions of the approaching spring, and her words have been bringing some sunshine to me as I stare down March's dreary days. We're releasing some of our Spring 2014 stories over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here are a few great reads we've spotted around the web. Reads of the Week: If you're stuck in the midst of a brainstorming session or need new inspiration, an entrepreneur recommends you try drawing. Humans of New York is an ongoing photographic series that captures New Yorkers in their native element. Lately,...

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A chance to explore the Warehouse on the Canal


A chance to explore the Warehouse on the Canal

A Positive365 giveaway: Mortuary tour, medium guide and Victorian wake experience at the Warehouse on the Canal

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Round-up: A surprising read about toast

An inspiring story about a San Francisco coffee shop owner and other great finds from the web

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