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A father's rules to live by

Dec 17, 2012 - 08:00 AM

In 2009, Craig Snyder shared a long list of his “rules to live by” with his family. Snyder, who died the following year after a battle with brain cancer, was a proud father of two daughters, a hobby photographer, and an Ohio State University Buckeye fan.

His daughter Cassandra shared his rules with Positive, saying her dad “lived right, loved with all his might and fought hard at the end.”

“Even though he lost his battle, he remains my hero and best friend,” she wrote.

We were inspired by Snyder’s “rules,” and we’re posting 10 of them in the hopes that you’ll find inspiration too.

Be as nice to everyone that you come in contact with as you possibly can.

I am sure it has been said in many ways, call it the golden rule or whatever you may, but if you are as nice to others as you can stand, you will find that the days seem easier and people are a little more friendly.

Some people are just assholes.

Having said to be as nice as you can to others, it seems that no matter how hard you try to be nice to others, there are some people who you just cannot appease. These people seem to work hard at trying to be difficult or just downright mean to others. Identify them and try to steer around them whenever possible. If they want to have a bad day, fine, but you don’t have to let them ruin your day as well. Mom would be disappointed in me for not calling them a bad egg or a stinker but lets face it, that’s not the case. They’re just assholes.

Keep a positive attitude.

If you walk out the door in the morning thinking it is going to be a bad day, you can rest assured that it will be. You will find a way to turn it into a bad day. On the other hand, if you walk out in the morning thinking it will be a good day, something in the course of the day will stand out if even a small thing that will help make it a good day.

Don’t worry about things until you have to.

A great majority of the things we worry about never happen even though we can spend a good deal of time fretting over them. My Grandma McMonachie used to say that “worry is the interest paid for borrowed trouble,” and I am not going to argue with her!

Happiness can only be found within yourself.

You can look for happiness your whole life and never find it. You must first find it within yourself before you can find it with anyone else or anywhere else. Until you become at peace with yourself and like the person who looks back at you in the mirror, you will struggle finding happiness anywhere else.

Say I love you every day.

Say it to either a family member, your spouse, significant other, or a friend. Say it every day, and mean it when you say it.

You will touch more lives than you may imagine.

Be careful! It is hard to imagine how little things you say or do will touch a life in one way or another. Young people are especially impressionable and saying and doing the right things around them is very important. It is hard to imagine that a harsh word or a good or bad act could affect some one else’s life but it happens every day. This is why it is important to do the right thing every time every day. You never know who may be watching or listening and be affected in some way either good or bad by you.

Be honest.

This is not only the right thing to do but will really un-complicate your life, and your memory won’t have to be near as good as someone telling untruths. This is a core value in a person, and you will either be trusted or not dependent upon your history. Once you lose your trust by someone, it takes a very long time to get it close to what it once was and will probably never regain total trust. It is a lot easier just to keep it.

Everyone makes their own luck.

Not that there is not the occasional person that is just plain lucky, but for the most part, we all make our own luck. We do this by putting ourselves in the position to capitalize on an opportunity when it comes our way. If we haven’t done the work to put ourselves in this position, then we will have to sit around and watch the “lucky” people capitalize on our missed opportunities.

There is no substitute for hard work.

This is how we put ourselves in a position to be “lucky.” Just about anything is within our grasp as long as we are willing to work at it. If you expect to sit around and watch others work hard at whatever they do and expect to reap the benefits of it, you will be disappointed in the outcome.

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